Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What I Want in the New Year

Happy New Year! Here are a few things I want more of in 2006.

I want more of this DSC00376

and this IMG_1528

and more of this DSC00022

and this DSC00001
and thisIMG_0395

and more of this,please IMG_0367

and thisIMG_0247

more of this IMG_0211

and this hanggliding2

and some more of this thank you very much please hanggliding1

a little less of this IMG_0423

and this DSC00087

and this while i'm at it IMG_0851

but some more of this IMG_0844

this IMG_0831

this too, please IMG_1409

and here's something else i want more of this year IMG_4993

and IMG_4948

and this Roll 43 - 16

ohhh yeh IMG_1717

and more of this IMG_1716

and this IMG_1702

this too IMG_1666

and this IMG_1579

more of this IMG_1154

and this IMG_1010

and this IMG_0843

and this IMG_0680

this IMG_0067

and this DSC00548

and this dr2

some more of this cja9007

more, please IMG_1100

and some more of this DSC00209


  1. Happy New Year. These are great pics. Be well. Mendi (friend of John's)

  2. HI Mendi. Glad you liked the pix. Happy New Year!

  3. I like your style! Fun blog. I like picture stories and it looks like you have good taste.

  4. Dropped by your spot...and I was very encouraged on "the things you want more of this year pictorial"...great post!

  5. I'm glad you guys enjoyed this post. It was a lot of fun posting these pix; each one still brings a smile to my face, when i look at them.