Saturday, December 08, 2007

Soul Train. 'Memba?

After a brief stint at shopping this morning (post raking every leaf from every tree that likes to collect in front of our gate, as well as push through the gate and collect in the front yard- we won't even discuss the backyard- and stopping off at a well known fast food chicken joint (a rarity, really... no really!), I sat down for a nice saturday afternoon lunch in front of the TV (not so rare). The channel was set to some super station and "The Best of Soul Train" was on. Good lord, I thought, is this the best they can do? And then the R&B group "Enchantment" took the stage and started singing "Gloria". Now I'm hooked. And as the camera pans around the studio and the "Soul Train" dancers go through their 1970's dance routines, I made a few observations. And here they are:

1. The crowd was SO THIN and fit looking. Now it could be because many of the dancers were pros, but overall everyone seemed svelte and well put together. Not a lot of In N Out Burger, steroid heads.

2. No one was doing the robot.

3. Polyester double-knit was made for black men to wear. Good lord!!

4. if you look and let your eyes really focus on the dancers... you'll notice from time to time men are dancing with each other. Who knew?

5. It looked like it was so much fun to be in the studio, dancing in front of the tv cameras, seeing all the incredible music talent perform live, onstage (though most of it was lip-synching),and being able to ask questions, and almost reach out and touch them.

6. Sisters hair was on point. Afros, afro puffs, the "Farrah" all those styles; Hair was Did! unlike today, where I notice with much frequency the numbers of sisters who have these weaves with no particular style at all like so much straw glued to one's head... What is that all about?

7. I'll be watching again!

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