Monday, January 07, 2008

C'mon Verizon. Stop Playing!

Lately, I noticed if I misspelled a url, rather than getting the standard Safari/Firefox error message, I was being redirected to a Verizon search page. Out of no where. A Verizon search page... Hmmmmm didn't look good. I came across this article explaining exactly what Verizon has done- without any customer notification that I'm aware of.

While the article says Verizon has added this intrusive, sleazy feature to its FIOS customers, it is also being added to DSL customers as well. (This is at the office where the DSL connection is used for very specific tasks.)

Why make customers "opt out" rather than Verizon asking if a customer wants this intrusion? (Hint, read the article for reasons). Thank you Miss Verizon Girl, but no. I can choose my own search engine.

I made the changes in my router settings... have you?

2008.. now don't get me started.....

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