Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I started working out again oh, about a year and a half ago. Free weights, cardio, it was all good. I have a trainer twice a week and I try to get on my own at least twice a week as well.

About 8 weeks ago I added boxing to my routine. Damn, that is an incredible workout. A week ago I ended boxing and began kick boxing. W-oh! I don't think there's a muscle in your body that doesn't get worked. Great trainer- they've all been great... I've been through seven so far... but that's not for here (thank you, Marjorie Dawes). Purchased a great pair of gloves, which are starting to fit, well... like a glove


IMG_3642 trying to take a picture with boxing gloves on is like trying to take a picture with...

IMG_3639 The Girls... the mountain lions, are getting huge. Mountain lions, really. They're upstairs now doing what sounds to be, practicing their roller derby routine.
IMG_3635 Either that or they really think the bookcase in the hallway would look funny sliding down the stairs. Best to check on what they're up to.

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  1. Those gloves look huge! The cats don't look like mountain lions, though--they look so tiny and adorable! But I can easily see them moving the bookcase (or couch or anything else)!

    Love, J