Wednesday, March 29, 2006


This past weekend, me and my bestest bud V, took a little trip to the Dominican Republic. J, tired from a long semester away from home decided to hang out at the house. DR is one of our favorite places and we visit when we can.IMG_1246 Continental is my preferred and favorite airline. Once again they prove that good service keeps 'em coming back. They didn't let me down on this trip! Continental, out of EWR... can't beat it to any destination. They do a really nice BusinessFirst service. We were the ONLY ones not having cocktails- at 8 in the morning.

But we had a ball never the less.

IMG_1253NYC, a little hazy at this hour, but still a beautiful scene on take off
IMG_3655somewhere over the caribbean about 20 minutes from landing. Can you ID this island?
IMG_3679Anthony Montgomery, of Monaga met us at the airport and after freshing up a bit n stocking the room, another great adventure began!
IMG_3696A little photo play at a friend of Anthonys'. Beautiful apartment!
IMG_3703 Ah, ok.. i'll have ONE more drink and then that's it!!
IMG_3712"Hopefully Mrs. Trumble, I won't have to make that decision. Because, my friend V means more to me..."
IMG_1393 An incredible meal at a fantastic Italian restaurant on the malecon. V, me and, "The Anthony"
IMG_3781What? What? Near El Conde.
IMG_1281Boca Chica beach.
IMG_1287Love this hotel. J and I stayed there a couple of years ago. Took forever to find what the real name of it is (The Don Emilio). Perfect; right on the beach!
IMG_3768Early morning after a light breakfast, heading back to Santo Domingo.
IMG_3760You put your left foot in...

It was a great weekend.


  1. Okay, I'm really, really loving these pictures. Congrats on starting the blog and I will be listing it on mine. Now, let me just figure out how to do that, again.


  2. YES - another beautiful Black man blogging! Hey love! *HUG!*

  3. Thanks, Donald. I'm glad you enjoyed the pix. Looking forward to updates on your trip to Paris.

  4. One beautiful country...two damn good looking best buddies...a weekend...and fun...translates into great photos...for a great post

    It makes me want to leave my beautiful country and partake of DR...