Monday, July 17, 2006


Anyone who has done home renovations will tell you: it ain't no joke. Of all the things we had to do to this house, and there were many, getting the front doors replaced has been the most trying. I won't even go in to the molasses of it all. However, this past Saturday, J and I took a drive down to Barnegat, NJ, with all the other travelers to the shore (a 90 minute drive that ended up taking 3 hours), and finally found the entry doors to the house.

Doors4 The Doors, the doors, the doors!

See, it's a 110 year old victorian row house. Incredible detail, all intact. Size was the issue, style was the issue, cost for customized, period doors was the issue, getting the contractors to get some fire under their ass was the issue, blah, blah, blah.
Doors1 but, we finally found them!! Next step is having them restored and installed, and finally removing the covering over the transom. Almost done. Well not really, you're never done.
Doors3 Yea! Doors!!

toni_hydrangea Hydrangeas- this is the first year that they've actually grown and flourished. Yea! Hydrangeas!

cjandgang"The baby Kendall"- Me and Js sixth grand-niece. Yea! sixth grand-niece!

J and grand-niece #1

Proud father, and even prouder sister. Yea! Pride!

The lovelies being lovely. Yea.. well you get it.

Summer hours... In the summer when our production schedule slows down we get.. SUMMER HOURS. Every friday at 1pm, it's bye, bye office, Hello Weekend!
This is my reaction on that very first friday. Yea! Summer Hours!


  1. OMG! Your cats are adorable!

  2. Thank you. They're sisters. A little over a year old now.

  3. it was so nice meeting, you, c, after all this time of just hearing and reading about you!

    and those arelovely doors, indeed. I didn't know you found them yourselves! rock on!