Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Seven Whole Days...errr... Trainers!

In the last 2 years I have gone through 7 trainers... i'm now on my 8th and 9th. Starting on Thursday, I will be working out with two trainers. One, Jose, is a more technical muay thai fighter and the other, Joe, is more of a street fighter.

Each time I get in the groove and learn each trainers style, Oops... they either get fired or quit or go back to school or leave the city or something. It used to bother me. But in looking back, I've picked up some incredible training. Moving from weight and strength training, to cardio and stamina worouts, to boxing and utimately on to kick boxing. It's been great.

My last trainer, Adam, turned out
kick_2 to be not just a great kick boxing/muay thai fighter and trainer, but a wonderful guy as well. A great spirit. He's moved on to pursue other interests but will continue his training elsewhere in the city. I've worked out with Jose a couple of times before and Joe has given me pointers and such. I think they'll both work out... while they last.

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